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2023 Weekend Carving Courses

The weekend courses are very popular and as places are limited to 8 per course, please do try and book early to guarantee your spot! Go to the Courses page to find out more.

June 2018


Tom participated in the Wells Carving Festival and won an award for the most artistic carving.

Work in Progress April 2017

Tom working on stone carving panels for a restoration project.

April 2017

Standing Figure of Christ, Martock Church

Stone Ambo, Sacred Heart Church & St. Aldhelm

I will soon begin working on a 32" semi relief carving in Portland stone which will be positioned in a niche in the main entrance of Martock church. The drawings have been approved and I hope to complete the carving by October 2017. More updates to follow as the project progresses.

Sacred Heart Church & St. Aldhelm is a beautiful Victorian catholic church in Sherborne, Dorset. I carved the new Ambo from Portland stone and it forms part of the church's recent renovations. It was an 18 month journey to establish the overall design and was inspired by the church architecture and the depiction of the four evangelists. The new Ambo was consecrated by the Bishop in January 2017.

Icon Painting

I am currently part way through a 3 year PSTA Diploma course in icon painting, tutored by Aidan Hart. The early part of the course has explored the tradition of the art form, egg tempera painting, mono toning, proportions, portraiture, hands, drapery and figures.


Icon painting and carving has long fascinated me and I have always wanted to explore it further. I hope to be able to use the skill to compliment my stone carving and discover new project opportunities.

Demonstration at Victoria & Albert Museum, London, November 2016

This is the third time I have been invited to demonstrate at the V&A and the session was really well attended. Visitors enjoyed the opportunity to try some stonecarving as I worked on a medieval head of John the Baptist in alabaster stone.

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